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It takes many helping hands to get productions on this scale moving. Whether you like hanging out with kids, talking to strangers, or running, we have a position that would suit you!

You can sign up to volunteer on the Google doc listed below or in-person at the front desk. Volunteers will receive a confirmation email and specific information about their positions the week before the shows.

Check this link to see where we still have need!


Backstage Helpers

(6+ per event): Arrive early and watch children backstage during dress rehearsal and/or the show. Volunteers may be asked to help students with costumes, hair, bathroom breaks, and other activities.

Check-In Desk

(2+ per event): Arrive early to check students into the correct classroom and help parents connect with their children after rehearsals and shows.

Image by Adolfo Félix
Image by Lisa Yount


(2-3 per show): Must attend dress rehearsal in addition to show. Follow a written guide to shuttle students between backstage and stage area at appropriate times during the production. Wear comfortable shoes!


(2-3 per show): Arrive to shows early to collect tickets, pass out programs, and help audience members find their seats.

Image by Andy Li

Ticket Sales

(2-3 per show): Arrive to shows early and sell tickets to audience members as they arrive.

Wing Manager

(2 per show): Previous backstage experience recommended. Must attend dress rehearsal in addition to show. In charge of set pieces, props, and people backstage.

Image by Kazuo ota
Boxes in a Truck


(2-3 after last show): Help pack up sets, lighting, costumes, and flooring and load the moving truck after the final show. Bonus points for helping unload back at JCAC, but not necessary!

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