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Youth Dance Classes

Tots and Teens Dance

Early Childhood Dance

Pre-Ballet, Ballet Basics, & Pre-Tap

Our early childhood ballet program is specifically designed for children ages 3-6 years old. Although the basic class structure for both levels is essentially the same, the content for each class includes appropriate developmental skills for that specific age group. Students will learn the basics of ballet class behavior. Boys and girls will be expected to take turns, follow and lead others, wait patiently, work well with fellow students, and have a joyful attitude. They will be trained in basic French terminology, balance and weight transfer, sequential movement, spatial relationships, and a variety of creative, expression, and energy exercises. The early childhood ballet program will form a strong foundation that will help children excel in the higher levels of ballet instruction, as well as, in their other life and educational development and activities. Materials: Pink tights with a black leotard (black skirt optional) and basic ballet shoes or socks.


Classical Ballet

Ballet 1-6, Pointe 4-6

Our full ballet program is designed for students age 7 to adult and includes a minimum of two class hours per week. Students progress through a program designed to develop strong ballet technique, discipline, and personal character. Each class consists of 60-90 minutes of barre, conditioning, center work, combinations, and across the floor movement, including pointe work for advanced students. French ballet terminology is emphasized throughout. New students will be placed pending an evaluation of their current ability. Materials: Pink tights with a black leotard. All classes require technique shoes. Pointe shoes will be by teacher recommendation only.


Jazz Dance

Jazz 1-6

The jazz and contemporary dance program at JCAC is designed as a supplement to the classical ballet program. Class instruction consists of warm-ups, across the floor movement, combinations, and traditional patterns of sharp, smooth, free, and controlled movement. All of our dance classes are taught with age-appropriate music, attire, behavior, and movement. As with ballet, the jazz program emphasizes healthy and creative individual expression through dance in a safe environment. The Jazz Program is designed for students age 7 to adult and includes one class hour per week. Each class consists of 45-60 minutes of group instruction designed to engage the students in the enjoyment of dance, while benefitting from the discipline, muscle control, and physical health of the activity. Materials: Black jazz paints and leotard with black, split-sole jazz shoes.


Modern Dance

Modern 3-6

Modern Dance is a broad-reaching style of dance that uses grounding and catch-and-release movements (often tied to the floor and emphasized through breathing), to center oneself and one's movements. Most modern styles include a strong rhythmic, theatrical, and artistic component. It requires a strong classical ballet background, while intentionally rejecting "classical" rules of dance, favoring freedom of movement and expression instead. Our modern class is designed to introduce our younger teen dancers to a freedom of movement that they may not experience in early classical ballet training and teach them to be more comfortable loosening up and expressing themselves through dance. Our current class is designed for our levels 3-6 students and meets once per week (complemented by our core ballet and jazz classes). Classes run 60 minutes. Materials: Black jazz pants or leggings with a black leotard and bare feet.

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Pre-tap, intermediate, advanced

Tap, being introduced to our students at three levels adds an energetic and rhythmic component to our dance repertoire, emphasizing good rhythm and overall musicality, both of which play an important role in all forms of dance. Our tap classes are designed for ages 3 to adult and include one class per week (usually complemented by core ballet and jazz classes). Each class consists of 30-60 minutes of group instruction, learning a variety of standard tap steps and fun, energetic choreography. Materials: Fitted dance pants or shorts (any color), and fitted t-shirts or leotards, and black tap shoes (any style).

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