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At JCAC, we are passionate about building community through art. 

Johnson City Arts Center was founded in 2022 as the successor to Trinity Arts Center. We aim to maintain Trinity Art Center's dedication to developing the whole student—physically, mentally,  emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Our community includes dancers, musicians, and artist of all ages and backgrounds working together to create excellence. 

Meet Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We have a team of talented individuals ready to invest in you. Each instructor and staff member is not only highly trained and qualified in their field but also committed to building up their students and the community. 

Sarah Buzalewski
Christina Ward
Lilly Anglin
Greta Anglin
Grayson Buchanan
Heidi Ehle
Jonathan Edens
Rachel Ellison
Katie Greene
Eden Huhn
Cassidy Kent
Mia Matthews
Dustin Miller
Isaac Ratliff
Graci Summey
Sterling Wilson
Makaila Wooten
Adrian Nuñez
Katie Cochran
Kate Palmer
Macey Whitaker
Kathryn Price
Choe Garbe
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