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We know that getting backstage at the right time and in the right place can be overwhelming - here's some information about what to expect!

Also - it takes a village to put on our productions! Don't forget to check out some of our volunteer opportunities!

Student Drop-Off and Pickup:

Drop Off:

Parents can enter through the front or side doors of Seeger Chapel. Students should have hair and makeup done before they arrive and they should be wearing their basic class uniform under street clothes. (Bathrooms are available for changing clothes upon arrival, but there won't be much time.) Parents will need to sign their students into Lower Seeger (students levels 1-3) or the music classroom (pre-ballet and ballet basics students.)

*Students must be picked up between performances on Saturday, as there will be no volunteers to watch them backstage.*

Pick Up:

After students are dismissed from dress rehearsals, or after the performance is complete, parents should return to the check-in desk and present their pick-up tickets to sign their students out.
**We ask that only one parent arrives for pick-up, as the lower hallways get very crowded after shows.**

Backstage Expectations:

We strongly suggest students bring a non-messy snack and a bottle of water to dress rehearsals and for the shows. They are not allowed to eat in-costume. We also encourage students to bring a quiet activity to help pass the time. We encourage pre-ballet and ballet basics students to bring a bag with their name on it to hold their personal items during the show.

Students will be required to stay backstage with volunteers for the duration of dress rehearsals and shows.

Students in pre-ballet and ballet basics are usually dismissed early from dress rehearsals, so parents should wait in the auditorium during rehearsals so they have up-to-date information.


Unless you have signed up to help backstage, we ask that you drop off your children and wait in the auditorium until your children are dismissed.

You are welcome to take pictures of your children during dress rehearsal. Out of respect for dancers' time, we will not be stopping rehearsals for photo opportunities. Using flash photography, attempting to get a dancer's attention, talking to dancers, or crowding the stage may distract dancers from their work.

Pictures of your student in-costume may also be taken backstage or outside Seeger Chapel before or after dress rehearsals and shows.

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